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JAZZ - What It Means To NPB.

I have been listening to Jazz since the day I was born.  Coming from generations of musicians in my family it all started from Jazz for myself personally.  I appreciate the tones of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan the scats of Carmen McRae to George Benson the smoothness of Diana Krall and vocal attack of Dakota Staton, the groove of Mel Torme and feel of Mose Allison and Vince Jones and the latin stylings of Carlos Jobim and the gypsy styling Django Rinehardt.  Jazz is about the story telling, the harmonies & especially the melody singing with feeling no matter what style of Jazz it is & whether its a big band sound or a intimate small sound.



For a glimpse of the songs we perform in our Jazz repertoire please click here:    


Nicole Parker Brown Taster

New Live Album Jazz on a Monday Blues on a Tuesday

Nicole Parker Brown and the Late Late Show Jazz Video with Scooter at Hot Tomato

Nicole Parker Brown and the Late Late Show Interview with Scooter at Hot Tomato


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